Featured in a learning and development professional blog

A warm thank you to the awesome team at Learning and Development Global Events (and a special shout out to Lisa Goldstein) for featuring me in their interesting blog.

During my interview, I mentioned some inspiring professionals in the field of Learning and Development such as Harold Jarche (his blog here), Jane Hart (her blog here) and Dave Ferguson (his blog here). This was also a great opportunity to emphasize some of my career goals:

I’m always looking at widening access to educational opportunities so I’m deeply interested in online and blended learning, learning communities, learner-centered environments, networked-learning technology, open educational resources, social media and access to higher education. I will always remain a down-to-earth practitioner trying to help people make an impact in these areas within their own contexts!

Thanks again for doing this, Lisa!

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4 Responses to Featured in a learning and development professional blog

  1. Rey says:

    Great interview! Take care!

  2. Women have longed for higher learning to emancipate themselves. DE has proved as a sure way of making women meet their educational aspirations as they meet the obligations of society and career. The study styles of women in DE have implications for administering DE in a women-friendly manner. By nature women learn best in groups and interaction. Their confidence increase when they are in constant interaction with their tutors and co-students.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. My apologies for the delay, I moved 1000 km away and started a new position this week.

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