Great references on synchronous online learning (webconferencing)

I am just taking a moment to share these good readings on synchronous online learning (webconferencing) as a way of engaging students and fostering communities of inquiry.

Chen, N.-S., Ko, H.-C., Kinshuk, Lin, T. (2005). A model for synchronous learning using the Internet, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 42(2), 181-194.

Schullo, S. J. (2005). An analysis of pedagogical strategies: Using synchronous Web-based course systems in the online classroom. Unpublished dissertation, University of Florida.

Stewart, S. (2008). A study of instructional strategies that promote learning centered synchronous dialogue online. Unpublished dissertation, University of South Florida.

Tolu, A. T. (2010). An exploration of synchronous communication in an online preservice ESOL course: Community of inquiry perspective. Unpublished dissertation, University of South Florida.

Wang, S. K., Hsu, H. (2008). Use of the webinar tool (Elluminate) to support training: The effects of webinar-learning implementation from student-trainers’ perspective. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 7(3), 175-194.

Yamada, M., Akahori, K. (2007). Social presence in synchronous CMC-based language learning: How does it affect the productive performance and consciousness of learning objectives? Computer Assisted Language Learning, 20(1), 37- 65.


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