The valuable contribution of research participants

I am currently in the data collection phase of my doctoral thesis. Between observations, interviews, transcripts and questionnaires (all in both languages – double the fun) I don’t get many opportunities to interact with peers and colleagues these days (nor to blog!). But I really want to take time to acknowledge the individuals who agreed to participate in my research. There are a number of people to whom I am indebted for their precious assistance. Some are faculty members, some are graduate students and some are instructional designers.

Just yesterday (Sunday afternoon), an awesome student voluntarily took time out of a busy schedule to answer my questions. People may not know how important such a contribution is. They don’t realize that “having nothing special to say” may speak volume from a researcher’s perspective. Without people like you, we would not be able to collect valuable data and add to the body of knowledge in our field. Thank you.

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