BOLD faculty members needed for doctoral research

A quick tweet posted last night generated a lot of interest and retweets, thanks to my awesome network. I am taking this opportunity to provide further details on my research and my research criteria.

My qualitative research involves developing a sustainable model of online learning (at the graduate level) for dual mode universities. More specifically, I am studying the virtual graduate seminar, that is, the graduate seminar offered online within a virtual classroom (i.e. in real time) and supplemented by asynchronous online discussions. It is considered an application of blended online learning design (BOLD) (Power, 2008). My objective  is to explore the virtual graduate seminar through the lense of socioconstructivism as a mean to implement a sustainable community of inquiry in higher education, one that is learner-centered, constructivist in approach and borderless.

I am currently trying to identify faculty members teaching graduate seminars in synchronous mode (through Elluminate or another webconferencing application), with a socioconstructivist approach. Basically, I am looking to carry out post facto observation of archived graduate seminars during the winter 2011 academic term. Faculty members agreeing to grant me access to their archives would also agree to a 45-minute interview. Other than that, I don’t think your participation should involve more than an hour of work (posting a few documents on your website and requesting my guest access to your archives).

There are very few faculty members teaching online in real time so needless to say that their cooperation is greatly appreciated. Four professors have agreed to participate in my research during the Fall term. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the winter term!

If this is of interest to you, you may want to read Redesigning Online Learning for Graduate Seminar Delivery. I had the privilege to present on this topic with Michael Power and Norm Vaughan at the American Educational Research Association 2010 conference in Denver back in May.

You can contact me at Thank you so much for your support.

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